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Facts about Online Popular Game League of Legends

Main Facts about Online Popular Game League of Legends


Know about The Game League of Legends

League of Legends is competitive PvP play: a multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA)

Players Numbers in League of Legends

League of Legends by player numbers: 67 million playing every month, 27 million playing every day, and over 7.5 million playing at the same time during each day’s peak play time. That's a lot of Teemo kills.

Level of Esports in League of Legends

Esports is the highest level of competitive League of Legends play, professional competition on a global scale. 

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Vote for All-Star Mode & Upcoming Skin for Diana, Nautilus or Teemo


DEC. 10 TO DEC. 13


Note : You should make your picks for who should go to All-Stars 2015. You must vote for as many or as few pros as you like, but do remember that you cannot alter  your vote if it has been submitted. 


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Beginners Guide of League of Legends Game 2015

 New Players Beginners Guide of League of Legends 2015

Game League of Legends has been developed by RIOT Games. For the players, Beginners Guide of League of Legends is being presented. In this Beginners Guide of League of Legends, useful information has been included which will give a great benefit to the new players.

In this guide, each and every aspect of the game League of Legends has been included and main focus is upon the information for the newbies and new players. This beginners guide will certainly help them.
Step by Step information is being provided :

Know about Step 1 : First step is Tutorial

In the game, when you load the game, you will be asked to read tutorial. After completing the starting tutorial, go to Step 2.

In the tutorial, you will understand every aspect of League of Legends and should have had some Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) experience.

If you do now want to read the tutorial after loading up up the League of Legends game, you can play it by clicking Play > Tutorials > Basic Tutorial
It will take few  minutes to complete the starting tutorial. In this starting tutorial, you will learn basics of League of Legends and it would be good for new players.

After completion of tutorial, we move on to getting familiar with the game League of Legends.

Know about Step 2 : Exploring the Client

After loading the game initially, the League of Legends client can be a lot to take in. There are many options and windows upon which you have to click on.


You can take your time to explore the client before jumping into the multiplayer, it may be valuable your time to get a feel of each and everything.
After doing this, you may realize the Runes and Masteries tabs within your profile, these are significant at a later stage. You should not have any tension about Runes and Masteries until you have played a few games first, so we will discuss them separately.

Know about Step 3 :  The Pre-Game Lobby

You cannot PvP unless you reach at level 3 which leaves you to face the AI alongside your team (real players). The difficulty of the AI is up to you. You can either play the easiest mode ‘Intro’ that provides new players with sufficient helpful tips and hints or you can go with ‘Beginner’ which is easy but removes some of the helping hands you got.

After entering your first Pre-game lobby, chances are that you will see people saying things like ‘top’, ‘adc’, ‘mid’, ‘jungle’ or ‘support’. These are all the roles each player plays. It is up to the players in the lobby to co-ordinate and make sure there is one player per role.

You should not worry about lanes and roles in Co-op vs. AI, go in any lane.

You should ignore the Runes and Masteries.

It is must for you to select your character to play in the pre-game lobby.  Pick one you like the look of, you can also find out more information by selecting one and then clicking the portrait.

For Details about champions on the League of Legends client, you should go to Profile > Champions.

The champion portraits that are coloured are the ones you will be able select and play in the game, try finding a couple of them that suit your play style (tanky, supportive, high damage) so you know what to pick in the champion select screen.

Also, you should select Two summoner spells, the two default are a speed boost and heal, you can change them by clicking on the icons. The full set of summoner skills can be seen by you and what they do by going to Profile > Spells. Pick whatever spells you believe suits you best.
Lock in and get ready to roll out with your selected champion!

Know about Step 4 : First Game

This is really an important moment for you. First few games are very important for you. In case you want to be ahead of fellow beginners in the real PvP after level 3, you need to learn some important basic information that you are unaware of the same.

When you first spawn in, next to the platform there is a shop keeper, you are going to want to shop for your first items. It can look confusing at first due to the large amount of different items but you should not worry there is a Recommended items tab for you to look at.


It would be good if you buy the items the game suggests, especially if you don’t know what the items really are. You can highlight each items and a small window appears giving you details, its worth while to read the ones you purchase to get an understanding.

You must remember to shop each time you are in the base

Items can be sold by you and undo recent purchases

Many items build into something better

You should Press ‘P’ to open the shop window

After your little shopping spree, its time to head out into the big bad world and start killing things. It is a pretty large map, where do you go? What do you do? Its best for new players to enter one of the 3 lanes.

The three lanes are
Middle and

Usually there is one player in Top, one player in Middle and two players at Bottom with your fifth team member in the jungle (the dark forest areas between lanes). However, it is not uncommon for there to be two players in the top with no players in the jungle during the lower levels of League of Legends.
At this point, it does not matter where you go but if you would like to play with a team mate, its best to go bottom. It is not a good idea to have 3 people in the bottom so if there are already 2 heading that way, pick another lane.

In order to succeed in your lane, you must farm the small enemy minions for gold and use that gold to purchase better items. Remember you only get gold when you are the person to have the finishing blow on the minion. Basically try kill your enemies, destroy the turrets and win (or lose) the game.


You should continue to play vs AI until you reach level three and if you feel that you are ready to progress into PvP and want to know how to prepare for it, in further part two guide of League of Legends

In part two of League of Legends beginners guide there is a guide to runes, a guide to masteries, a guide to champions, lanes and roles. Everything you need to know in order to get ahead of your enemies in the early stages of League of Legends.

Hope you have read useful information about League of Legends and would play well. So, Enjoy the Game!!!!

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League of Legends Terms
League of Legends

Know about AD – 
Attack Damage. This type of damage is reduced by Armor. 

Know about AoE – 
Area of Effect

Know about AP – 
Ability Power. This type of damage is reduced by Magic Resistance. 

Know about ARAM -  
All Random All Mid. It is a game mode where champions are randomly selected and players must fight each other in one lane. This game mode is usually played on the Howling Abyssmap. 

Know about Assassin – 
A highly mobile champion whose skill is to take down strong targets. Assassins are normally agile and dangerous. 

Know about Autoattack – 
Attack performed when right clicking an opposing target.

Know about Aura – 
A passive ability that usually applies to the champion and those around the champion.

Know about Back – 
Returning to base, more specifically the well by pressing the B key. “I’m going B.”

Know about Baron – 
short for Baron Nashor, the toughest neutral monster in the game. 

Know about Baron Buff – 
When a team defeats Baron Nashor, they earn the buff “Exalted with Baron” that grants up to 40 ability power, 40 attack damage, three percent of your maximum health in health regeneration per five seconds, and 1 percent of your maximum mana in mana regeneration per five seconds. 

Know about Buff – 
A boost acquired by killing either the Golem for blue buff, the Lizard for Red Buff or Baron. Blue Buff grants 25 flat mana regen per five seconds and .5 percent of their maximum mana, along with and increased 10 percent Cooldown Reduction on their abilities. Red Buff applies a movement speed debuff to all enemies struck by the holder’s attack. The holder’s attack will also deal bonus true damage.  

Know about Bush -  
The tall grass around the map where champions can hide.

Know about Burst – 
When a large amount of damage is dealt at one time by one champion. 

Know about Carry – 
A champion that starts off fairly weak, but then ultimately becomes incredibly powerful. They are expected to do a lot of damage and “carry” the team to victory. 

Know about Caster – 
A champion whose main damage output is his or her abilities. The damage can either be Attack Damage or Ability Power. 

Know about CC – 
Crowd Control, abilities that limit movement and actions; stuns, slows, snares.

Know about CDR – 
Cooldown Reduction. A stat that lowers the wait time on abilities.

Know about Creeps – 
Minions and neutral monsters. 

Know about Crystal Scar – 
The name of the map for Dominion game mode.

Know about CS – 
Creep Score. The amount of minions and neutral monsters a champion has killed. 

Know about Counter-pick – 
To choose a specific champion during champion selection that counters the opposing team’s pick. 
Know about Dragon – 
The second hardest neutral monster on Summoner’s Rift. Killing the dragon grants your team a good sum of gold and experience. 
Know about Dominion – 
A game mode where two teams of five battle for control of five base nodes. The less nodes your team controls, the more damage is done to your Nexus base. The team whose Nexus dies first loses.

Know about Face Check – 
The act of going into a bush to see if an enemy champion is hiding in there. This is a high risk move since it leaves you vulnerable to an unsuspecting attack.  

Know about Farm – 
The action of killing minions and neutral monsters for gold and experience. 

Know about Fed – 
When a champion becomes overpowered due to killing multiple champions. 

Know about FF – 
To forfeit or surrender.

Know about Fields of Justice – 
The arenas where champions battle each other.

Know about Feeding – 
To die repeatedly to the enemy team. 

Know about Gank – 
To ambush enemies with one or more champions. 

Know about Inhibitor – 
The structures after the lane towers and before the Nexus. These buildings prevent the enemy team from deploying Super Minions. 

Know about Howling Abyss – 
The map where the ARAM game mode is generally played. 

Know about Jungle -
The areas on the map in-between the lanes where the neutral monsters hang out. Be careful in the Jungle. No one’s watching your back in the Jungle. 

Know about Jungler – 
The role which champions can play where they level up in the jungle and try to attack unsuspecting enemies in their lanes. 

Know about KDA – 
Kill, Death, Assist. Used commonly, it refers to the ratio of kills to deaths to assists.

Know about Lane – 
Paths that minions follow to get to the enemy Nexus.

Know about Last Hit – 
Dealing the final blow to a minion or neutral monster to attain gold.

Know about Marksman – 
Also know as ADC or Attack Damage Carry. This type of champion deals ranged damage from afar and is expected to have high damage output. They are to stay behind the lines rather than in the middle of the fight because of there “squishiness.”  

Know about Minions – 
NPC units spawned from the base. They follow the lanes to try and destroy other minions, objective points and enemy champions. 

Know about Nexus – 
The primary structure on each map and main objective. Victory is earned when the enemy Nexus is destroyed. 

Know about Poke – 
The act of harassing enemy champions with long-ranged abilities and attacks.

Know about River – 
The body of water that divides the map in half. Baron Nashor and Dragon reside in the river.

Know about Snowball – 
The act of getting an advantage over the enemy team or specific enemy champion, and continuing to use the advantage to win the game. 

Know about Solo – 
Used to describe accomplishing an objective alone. 
Know about Support – 
A champion who makes plays by creating advantages and opportunities for their allies to capitalize on. Most supports offer a form of sustain, heals or crowd control. 

Know about Stealth Ward – 
A ward that is invisible and reveals all non-stealthed units in the area. 

Know about Summoner’s Rift – 
The most common Field of Justice. Name of the map for classic five-versus-five matches. 

Know about Super Minions – 
Stronger minions spawned in a lane after the enemy inhibitor is destroyed. 

Know about Tank -  
A champion designed to take high amounts of damage. Usually tanks have a lot of health, CC abilities and low damage output.

Know about Tower Hugging – 
Staying close to tower to deter an enemy from attacking you.

Know about True Damage – 
A type of attack that ignores all forms of damage reduction.

Know about Twisted Treeline – 
The name of the map where three-versus-three matches are played. 

Know about Ward – 
An item that grants vision on the map.  

Know about The Well – 
The corner of the map where allied champions get healed. The shop is also located here. 

Know about Winions – 
When super minions take down the enemy Nexus, they become “winions.”  

Know about Vision Ward – 

A ward that is not invisible and reveals all units in the area.